We fully understand the demands of the vibrant and modern drinks industry. Impressively, our high output bottling lines can produce 5 million cases per annum. With the capability to switch on a multi-shift system operating across nine bottling lines we can provide the flexibility to bottle unique and complex orders to suit your demands. Behind everything we do is a constant desire to achieve excellence.

We appreciate that the requirements of our wide customer base are high, and that quality of service linked to quality of product is of paramount importance. Our flexibility and broad capability enable us to turnaround orders within days rather than weeks when necessary. We can cope with almost any request and have the resource to deliver in an industry where only the highest standards are acceptable.

Flexibility and adaptability are a couple of areas we pride ourselves in. We can cater for miniatures up to 6l, glass, PET and ceramics, we can even fill into bag & box if required. On a daily basis we comfortably handle a broad range of spirits; whisky, gin, vodka, white and dark rums, stickies and a natural ginger wine product; where we prepare steeps of chillies and cloves before compounding the rest of the ingredients over a period of eight weeks to achieve the highest product quality.

Product integrity and quality are always given the highest consideration. We have full C.I.P. capability in both our Blend Centre and Bottling Hall, and dedicated pipe work for certain spirit types underpins our dedication to the quality of your products.

We also offer a full range of value-added secondary-operation services such as: packing into tins, gift cartons or tubes, application of UK Duty Stamps, tax-strips, swing-tickets or web cards. We have a specialist team who cope with high end premium product packaging which includes hand labelling, wax-dipping, bottle numbering and any combination of packaging options your marketing team can think of.

To back our Quality and Safety ethos we conform to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, we are BRC accredited to Level A and we operate with full HMRC and Trading Standards approval.